Field Services

ISN certified

Trouble shooting and repair service 24/7

Emergency repairs available 24/7: call 717-554-4264

24/7 shut-down support

Stainless steel sanitary piping welding and install

Ingredient system installs

AL6XN pipe welding and install

Orbital welding

Certified stainless steel schedule pipe welding

Industrial and utility piping

Certified carbon steel schedule pipe welding

Steam piping installs, repairs, valve replacements

Steam system installation and maintenance

Copper piping installation: pro press, solder, and sil fos

PVC piping install

Thread piping

Victaulic piping

George Fisher jacketed piping install

Structural steel welding and fabricating

National Board R Stamp welding repairs

U stamp vessel fabricating

Millwright services

Heat exchanger services

Sanitary valve rebuilding

Conveyor line installation, modifications and maintenance

Portable aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel welding and cutting

OSHA safety systems stairs, platforms, railings, catwalks, guarding

Project management

Field estimating

Field repair evaluations

Reverse engineering

SS certified welding