Portable Weld Test Center

Manufactured by Osage Piping and Fabricating

“Pre-qualify” your welders and processes on your job site. Originally designed and built for the power industry, this portable facility allows you to test welders on site without the expense of building a new facility or modifying an existing building. Determine a welder’s capabilities before spending the time and money to provide access to sensitive areas.

Features include:

  • Six individual welding booths
  • Each booth equipped with a 460v disconnect with dedicated service for welder power supply and multiple 110v ac outlets
  • Each booth equipped with three weld gas supply lines piped to centralized headers for supplying weld gasses from outside the center
  • Each booth equipped with a fully adjustable coupon positioner with purge fitting
  • Powered exhaust system to remove welding fumes and smoke
  • Central heat and air conditioning system for year-round welder comfort
  • Awning system to protect welder power supplies
  • Optional test coupon cutter and bender equipment

Simply provide a 50′ x 20′ space and 400 amps of 460-480 volt service to begin testing.




Optional test coupon cutter is available with or without the weld test trailer.


Bender equipment is available with or without the weld test trailer.

Osage will provide pick up and delivery service anywhere in the U.S.A. for units we manufacture for our customers. In addition, when a unit is idle between jobs, we will store it on our premises at no cost to our customer. With this arrangement we can easily provide any authorized additions or repairs needed.

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Nationwide Weld Test Trailer Delivery