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American Facilities and Craftsmanship

Nationwide and beyond, look to us as your partner for these special capabilities. We do it right the first time!

  • Advanced welding and metal working capabilities
  • Cutting of plastics, ceramics, glass, stone, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Process piping to sanitary standards
  • Hard-to-find, specialty skills and capabilities

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Serving engineering and manufacturing firms in food processing, including baking, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, nationwide and beyond

A job done right the first time requires the forethought to think a project through from beginning to end. Osage is known for excellence with the first attempt. The style, neatness, and visual effects of our custom fabricating have brought Osage award-winning recognition.

Primary Benefits of Working with Osage Piping and Fabricating

  • Installations and products meeting the highest industry standards
  • Reliable, high performance custom fabricating workmanship
  • Experience, ethics, quality control
  • Responsiveness
  • Clear, professional communication
  • Confidence that your requirements will be met